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The Legend of Zelda Mosaic

Enrique designed this The Legend of Zelda Mosaic using only in game map areas!

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The Legend of Zelda Mosaic

Enrique designed this The Legend of Zelda Mosaic using only in game map areas!

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Hyrule Warriors.


Hyrule Warriors.

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6. If you could own any weapon or item from any of the games, which one would it be?

If I’m not allowed to say “The Goddess Sword, with wonderful awake Fi in it to pop out and talk to me whenever she wants”, then… um DOES EPONA COUNT? If neither of those count then the bow and arrow. If that comes with the ability to know how to fuCKIN SHOOT IT (i’m not strong enough to pull back a bow, wow, much fitness very skeleton arms.)

9. Who is your favorite character overall?

My beautiful lady Fi. She won out over Festari and Alfonzo goddamn she better feel proud of her perfection.

14. What is your favorite Ganondorf/Ganon design from all of the games?

TP Ganondorf is so fucking incredibly badass look at that hair LOOK AT THAT HAIR, OH MY GOD DUDE WHAT?? DUDE

30. Who was your favorite sidekick and how did you see their relationship with Link?

FI WAS MY FAVORITE SIDEKICK, I WANT TO CRY FOREVER, I LOVE FI SO MUCH. I love Fi. people that call her annoying as rude and I hope they burn their breakfast tomorrow. I think her relationship with Link was super cute because she was just supposed to be his guide and stuff. But I mean like she noticed people thanking Link for stuff and I just love her adorable curiosity and stuff. I never saw her as “lacking emotions”, I saw her as professional and just focusing on her duty given to her by her creator. Wow I love Fi so much. Oh my god.

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2. Which game is your favorite?

YOU CAN’T JUST ASK ME THIS QUESTIOn oh my god I don’t know. Link’s Awakening has most sentimental memories. Skyward Sword was an important milestone in my life. Wind Waker though. Wind Waker was the first Zelda I ever beat on my own. It’s my favorite. I can’t deny it. Sob.

7. Which dungeon would you say you enjoyed the most?

GOD I JUST HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THE WIND TEMPLE IN WIND WAKER all these babies whining about it and fighting Molgera, I have a file saved so I can just play that temple over and over. BABIES, ALL OF YOU.

11. Which is your favorite Goddess (Din, Nayru, Farore)

DIN, DIN, DIN FOREVER, PRAISE BE TO DIN. Seriously. Eldin being my favorite Light God in Twilight Princess is actually totally independent of this.

12. What is your favorite Link design from all of the games?

Bury me in Skyward Sword Link. He’s the perfect mix of “realism” with “fucking adorable” and oh my god, beautiful perfect creature. What a baby. Screams forever.

21. What would you say is the main cause of death for you when you’re playing?

I have never died in a console Zelda game. Not ever, lol. In the handheld games, boss fights. Even then I RARELY die in Zelda games, really only in the gameboy ones like Link’s Awakening and Oracle of Seasons. I think my boat got blown up maybe once or twice in Phantom Hourglass, and I crashed my train a whole once in Spirit Tracks! I AM A MONSTER.

27. What would you say is your most challenging in-game moment?

The Silent Realms were very hard for me. My least favorite thing ever, in my life, is being chased. In video games this makes me panic and scream. Like in Wind Waker when all the little imps chase you in the Forsaken Fortress? Panic attacks. I am holding a sword but FUCK, I’M SCARED.

So the Silent Realms were really. NOT OKAY. I would have been so much better if Fi was with me, but she wasn’t. And I think that was my biggest downfall.

Still, I got through them, all on my own. I had my sister around for moral support for the Eldin one but somehow I got them done on my own, and I’m very proud of myself for it. It was really a challenge to get over my biggest phobias in games (being chased, time limits, uncomfortable atmospheres, being helpless, not having my pretty sword girlfriend).

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19. Your favorite enemy to fight?

OH GOD, this is so hard. I’m not including bosses. I really like fighting the Darknuts in Wind Waker because YES PARRY ATTACKS YES YES YES BEST THING EVER, and knocking off all their armor and THEY’RE VULNERABLE BUT NOW THEY’RE FAST! AAHHH!! So much fun.

40. Is there anything in the games that you wish were different?

idk man Zelda games are so great I dunno if I can come up with anything off the top of my head. Um. I wish Skyward Sword went on forever.

50. How has LOZ made a difference in your life or the way you see video games?

I don’t know if I can even summarize this properly. Zelda (the original) was the first game I ever played. I have a strong association between Zelda and my mom. Skyward Sword might be the most important Zelda to me because it was the first Zelda released that my mom wasn’t able to see. She didn’t play the newer Zeldas, but I’d still tell her about them and she’d watch me play them a lot. So it really felt like my own leaving home journey. It was a little difficult, but still wonderful.

In terms of gameplay. I think people who say “Zelda should have full voice acting!” are really dumb. I think FULL voice acting in a game (as in every NPC speaks all their lines etc) is incredibly annoying and takes something away from the experience IMO. I think Zelda’s little voice samples are quite enough for me to understand the voice and personality of a character. I think every character talking would make the world cluttered and would take too much away from my imagination. I’m perfectly capable of reading and imagining how a character would sound.

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